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Pat and Peter Marchant

We in rescue are very sorry to lose the services of Pat and Peter Marchant, who retired as Co-ordinators immediately after the recent SGRS Fun Day. Pat and Peter have worked tirelessly for us over 35 years, first as helpers to the late Sheila Richards when we were still a sub-committee of the Southern Golden Retriever Society, and later as Co-ordinators for our Charity. They have always been totally dedicated to helping dogs (and their owners) in need, ready to drop everything when they felt it was necessary. Sometimes they would foster a dog if a home was not immediately available, and their years of experience with dog training proved invaluable.

Pat and Peter had for many years had a stall at the SGRS Fun Day, sometimes running a tombola and sometimes games such as Pick-a-Straw. Unfortunately Pat was a unable to attend the recent event as one of their dogs was unwell, but Peter held the fort and their daughter and son-in-law brought their own Rescue dog as well. Fun Days certainly won't be the same without them.

Thank you, Pat and Peter, for all you have done over such a long time. we hope you will enjoy having more free time, but we shall miss you very much. 👏

Thank You

Southern Golden Retriever Rescue would like to give a big Thank You to Mrs M Burton who has raised £285 for the rescue by the sale of plants. 👏

Bloat Awareness

A very good talk was given in July 2015 about Bloat Awareness, canine bloat can kill your dog if action isn't taken immediately and so many ordinary dog owners are unaware of this condition. Please take a minute to memorise the symptoms of the attached poster in case your dog ever suffers with this potentially fatal condition. 

New Disease called Alabama Rot

The symptoms are:  wounds or lesions on limbs and faces which don't heal, signs of depression, loss of appetite and vomiting, quickly followed by acute kidney damage.  Early veterinary intervention is vital to relieve suffering and hopefully avoid death. (24/03/15)


Dogs are still being stolen for use as training bait for fighting dogs - apparently this is currently rife in the Hampshire area. (24/03/15)