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Coronavirus, 17th March 2020

Whilst this dreadful virus is no direct threat to the dogs, to safeguard our volunteers we may need to scale back the help that we offer.
Please telephone your local volunteer or Rachel Clark 01474 815486 and discuss any serious concerns you have about the welfare of a Golden Retriever and if we can provide support and practical help we shall.

Rachel Clark
Trustee of Southern Golden Retriever Rescue

Fun Day 2019 and Rolling Raffle!

Please see events page for details of this years Fun Day and Rolling Raffle. 

Bloat Awareness

Bloat Awareness, canine bloat can kill your dog if action isn't taken immediately and so many ordinary dog owners are unaware of this condition. Please take a minute to memorise the symptoms of the attached poster in case your dog ever suffers with this potentially fatal condition. 

New Disease called Alabama Rot

The symptoms are:  wounds or lesions on limbs and faces which don't heal, signs of depression, loss of appetite and vomiting, quickly followed by acute kidney damage.  Early veterinary intervention is vital to relieve suffering and hopefully avoid death.